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Available positions in Miami-Dade County, Florida

  • Maintenance Repairer – Will be in-charge with the general upkeep, repairs, and preservation of the work environment they are assigned to
  • Computer Tech – Must have a background in computer repairs, trouble shooting and installation of computer hardware
  • Computer Operator – Will be in-charge with the monitoring and maintenance of computer systems, data entry or data management
  • Library Assistant – Will assist the Librarian in running the library operations by helping with filing, information management, and other clerical or administrative tasks
  • Eligibility Interviewer – Will be tasked to assess a client or patient’s eligibility for specific healthcare services
  • Teacher – Will take a role in the educational setting where he or she will facilitate courses or learning programs for students
  • Teacher Assistant – Will be assigned to work with Teachers or Instructors and perform various functions that may be administrative or clerical in nature
  • Accountants – Must have a background in payroll, bookkeeping, and financial transaction monitoring
  • Administrative Assistants – Will be in-charge with office-related tasks such as filing, appointment setting, reception desk functions, etc.
  • Case Managers – Will be in-charge with care coordination or case monitoring functions from the time a patient care plan is conceived all the way to ensuring that the patient is able to fully benefit from his or her established care plan
  • Drivers – Must be an experienced driver and possesses a valid Driver’s License; will be tasked to facilitate the transportation of patients and/or staff to and from their destinations
  • Computer Specialist – Must have a background in Information Technology and the ability to design, install, and monitor computer systems which are necessary for managing files or information related to general patient care
  • Paralegal Specialist – Will be tasked to conduct research and oversee the filing of legal documents or process cases that are related to healthcare services or patient care delivery
  • Social Workers – Will mostly carry out administrative tasks and assist the patient (or family members) with insurance eligibility procedures, policy claims, care coordination, and other related matters
  • Computer Operator – To address the current backlog of MDAD desktop incident tickets. Professional advanced technical work in the delivery, installation, setup, testing, and maintenance of computer hardware and software components. Employees in this classification are responsible for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer hardware and providing department-wide project support, for users and for providing technical support to airport tenants, consultants, and management companies.
    Specific Tasks:

    • Install computer hardware including personal computers, servers, faxes, printers, and other components, configure wired and wireless devices, hard drives, network interface cards, hubs, routers, and associated software.
    • Isolate the nature of system failures or PC problems and utilize diagnostic utilities to troubleshoot problems, test the connectivity of devices (wired and wireless); perform procedures necessary for backing-up systems; perform system upgrades.
    • Test new software applications for compatibility, ease of installation and viability, and make recommendations, provide on-site and remote assistance for connectivity and system issues using software utilities.
    • Provide tier 2 and 3 department-wide end-user support and service for hardware and software problems, through remote or on-site repair; provide training to end-users, and work closely with the Help Desk and Desktop Support personnel.
    • Prepare instructional manuals for customers; complete journal entries showing work completed; create user accounts and control network security.
    • Document relocation of equipment, installations, and major repairs; conduct inventory control.

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